giovedì 2 marzo 2017

"Monte da Gala" Country Hotel

is ideally situated approximately one hour drive south of Lisbon

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It's one of a series of fishing and rural villages 

bordering the Atlantic coast 

on one of its most pristine and unpopulated stretches of beach 

where some of the fashionable european crowd goes off the grid.

Some of the country's oldest families as well as designers

like Jacques Grange Christian Louboutin 

Philippe Starck and artists like Anselm Kiefer

have turned it into their secret summer escape.

You come here not to be seen, not to be bothered 

and not to feel on display to hoards of tourists.

You come here to live in beautiful homes

amidst the pine eucalyptus and cork oak forests

bordering the Alentejo coast

with very little traffic

and some lovely spots where to enjoy the local cuisine

and a lot to sunbathe within protected dunes 

and beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Those who come to Comporta 

should have the idea of absolute relaxation in mind.

There's little in the way of night-clubbing 

or other major resort attractions 

but there is an abundance of space and pristine beauty 

difficult to imagine in an overcrowded 

and overexploited continent like Europe.

In this hidden corner of paradise 

as the NYT calls it

(for more about Comporta in the press click here)

we have a "Eco Resort" project

a short drive away from some of the best local beaches

with a building license for 323m2 for residential use

currently under construction

The unit "D" 124m2 2beds is already built

is currently under construction.

It comprises 4 building units of which 

the unit "C" (60m2 Master Bedroom) 

has been partially built already.

The following is the unit "B" (20+60m2)

the following is the unit "A" (60m2)

with two guests rooms.

More there's a building availability of 2952m2 

for a tourism project already laid out.

All main infrastructures 

are already built and ready to cater 

any tourism project masterplan you might have in mind.


Land Plot, 81.833m2

Building License for private residential use, 323m2   

Building availability for country hotel project 2.952m2